Connected Home Global Summit

Connected Home Global Summit is another interesting event which I am tracking.

Verizon Wireless, Comcast, Vodafone, BBC, Telecom Italia Cable and Wireless and Virgin Mobile are some of the 20 operators, broadcasters and content providers confirmed to speak at the 2nd annual Connected Home Global Summit, 24 – 26 May, London, UK

Focused on the technology choices and business models that will monetize the Connected Home, the event is co-located with the inaugural Connected Home Global Industry Awards which celebrates excellence and innovation in the bourgeoning marketplace.

From the agenda, I find these themes interesting

- A View of the Technological Roadmap and Services Enabled by a Broadband Connected Home
- DLNA – The Platform Enabling Seamless and Interoperable
- Environment for Sharing Multimedia In and Around the Connected Home
- Multi-room/multi-device Content: How operators can keep ownership of the connected home? (I smile :)
- Case Study: Delivering a 3 Screen Strategy
- Bouygues Telecom Case Study: Connected Home Services Delivered Through a Box
- Enabling Secure and Guaranteed Delivery to CE Devices in the Home
- Exploring Net Neutrality – The Equality of Internet Traffic
- Applications and Services – Monetising the Connected Home Eco-System
- Assessing how Content and Services will Drive the Connected Home
- Unpicking the Value Chain: Who Owns What, and Who Pays Who For It?
- The Connected Home as a Brokerage Platform for Broadband Operators – Ingredients and Recipes
- Understanding the Extent to which Usability is a Key Differentiator for Connected Home Services
- The Impact Content Delivery Networks will have on the Connected Home
- Orange Case Study: Social TV, Taking TV Beyond the Television Screen
- In Search of Seamless Connectivity & Content Sharing: Assessing the Use of Tablets as Universal Remote Controls of the Connected Home
- Tablet Mania – Which Devices will Drive the Connected Home?
- How can “There” be Made Part of “Here”? – Exploring the Trends and Opportunities around Open TV Platforms
- Getting the Best out of Combining Mobile and TV Applications
- Smart TVs: Opportunities for pay-TV operators
- From Single Connected Devices to a Central Point of Access and Control
- The Future Connected Home – Focus on the Users, and All Else Will Follow
- Future Technologies – What’s Next? Exploring the Future of Connected TVs, 3D and Beyond
- Applications and Services – Monetising the Connected Home Eco-System
- Opening the Home Gateway to the Outside World
- Content Everywhere – Value Added Services for the Connected Consumer
- Understanding the Extent to which Usability is a Key Differentiator for Connected Home Services

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  1. I am very interested in the connected home via SmartPhones and Tablets and would be interested to hear ideas and opinions ….