why would anyone use Alien Dalvik?

I have had the pleasure of meeting Benoit Schillings, Chief Technology Officer and industry expert of the Myriad group. I met Beniot a couple of weeks ago at CTIA and as usual, he had some interesting insights. I shall cover these in two blogs the first of which(this one) is about Alien Dalvik.

Essentially, Alien Dalvik brings Android applications to non-Android devices, allowing OEMs, operators and application stores to leverage the Android eco-system across a much wider range of mobile devices. Android applications run unmodified and with no loss of performance on non- Android platforms.

When Beniot first explained this concept to me, I wondered .. Why would anyone need Alien Dalvik?

Two thoughts.

Firstly, see this excellent post from Martin Sauter on Android and Open Source as A Door Opener for Deep Down Innovation. The Alien Dalvik takes this kind of innovation much beyond Dalvik and Android itself

Secondly, and more importantly, the value today is in the ecosystem as I have said many times before Am I the only one who is cautiously optimistic about the Nokia – MSFT deal?. So, that means, devices can easily be launched. HW and SW are commodities. Integration is complex but not a differentiator.
That leaves us with the nebulous ‘community’ aka developer ecosystem

When viewed in that way, any non Android device that can leverage the Android ecosystem can benefit and to me, that provides the best motivation for using Alien Dalvik

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  1. Konstantin says:

    There is simple reason why anybody should use technology as Alien Dalvik. Google will never able to support all devices capable to run Android application supported with vanilla or a vendor Linux. Alien Dalvik allows to run “pretty” Android UI and use Dalvik application from Google store without portimg Android kernel to all those devices. Of cause I would prefer to see Google “enhancements” to teh kernel to be merged with in vanilla kernel source tree or technology similar to Alien Dalvik to be released in open source. But anyway it looks that Myriad is not really interested in licensing their technology – all my attempts to contact them about this failed…no response…