Zeewe – the world’s first third party HTML5 appstore?

I was chairing Mobile Web and Mobile apps yesterday at CTIA and we had a presentation/panel about a new (maybe even the first?) HTML5 appstore called Zeewe from Fabricio Bloisi CEO of the Brazilian company Movile.  Although I was very tied up due to the chairman role at Mobile Web and Apps, I am always interested in the evolution of HTML5.

What exactly is an ‘HTML5 appstore’?

Essentially, it is a way to package and deploy rich web apps and create a commercial ecosystem around it through a billing provider.

‘HTML5’ is a moving goal post as well know but at least some of the components are stable  and they apply to apps – for instance richer UI, offline storage etc. To that, if you add billing, you create an ecosystem aka a web based appstore.

All the pieces exist but have not been put together  coherently before and this could also apply to both feature phones and smart phones on any device which has a mobile browser

Hence, the strategy is interesting

In 2 weeks of the beta version, the Zeewe store already reached 100,000 visitors – of which 10,000 installed and used the Apps daily. Billing is done through the micropayment provider Mozca

Zeewe is currently available on iPhone, iPad, Android and iPod

I like the focus on HTML5 rather than the current third party appstores which combine many technologies

I will follow this in more detail when I get back online after CTIA


  1. Good to know about his html 5 app store. Can you please elaborate which applications they offer means are they fetching the app from itunes, android market or developers can directly submit their apps in Zeewe.

  2. Ben says:

    The first? Riiiiiiiight. Love the research, Premier App Shop has been out for nearly two years when these wannabes came along. And lets not even mention the second wannabe “OpenAppMkt” that appeared months before Zeewe, but decidedly over a year AFTER Premier App Shop. Please, kindly, stop peddling bad reporting as fact.

  3. ajit says:

    thanks for pointing it out. I did put a ‘?’ in the post. my post was about HTML5 appstore. open app market appears to be. rgds Ajit