The mirage of the home screen apps – Why the home screen application may never be mass market ..

I conducted a workshop on Mobile Web and Mobile apps strategies at ICE Amsterdam which was successful with great participation from the participants

I was discussing home screen apps in response from an insightful question from  Maartje van derleij and I proposed that the home screen application may never be mass market ..

I have covered home screen applications here before especially in context of hiplogic and before that, on device portals and surfkitchen where I said that  the strategy has some merits but with caveats – ex in the case of hiplogic, if I dont want an ‘astrology’ application can it be removed, the surfkitchen application had an overhead  .. etc etc ..

But in Amsterdam .. I thought of this in response to Maartje’s question:

Who REALLY owns the first screen?

The operators long thought that they controlled the first screen

The handset vendors thought the same

And then came ‘home screen replacement’ platforms like hiplogic and others who also wanted to ‘manage’ the first screen often on behalf of the handset vendor or the Operator

But guess who the screen REALLY belongs to?

A vast majority of people have a picture of their child, boyfriend, girlfriend or other loved one ..

Its hard for anyone to compete against that ..

If icons clutter up a picture of your child, guess who will stay and who will go ..

Thus, I said, home screeen applications may always be a niche service since a vast majority of people are always going to use a picture of their loved one and no commercial entity can win against that!

Hence, the ‘mirage’ of the home screen apps ..

Image source gotoknow