Rheingold U!

I mentioned before that the blog The girl named Facebook: The Russians (and the Egyptians and the Libyans and the Tunisians and ..) love their children too was a originally posted as part of Howard Rheingold’s latest project called Rheingold University, for which I was privileged to be invited as an early student/participant.

Here are some details about Rheingold University. If you are interested in cutting edge community / social media/ collaboration techniques + looking to meet some seriously smart, clued on people, I very much recommend Rheingold U!

Rheingold U – Web site

Howard’s blog explaining Rheingold U at DMLcentral

Introduction to Mind Amplifiers syllabus Elluminate live (audio/video/text/slides/chat) session presenting over view to Introduction to Mind Amplifiers (it will fire up a Java app that will replay the audio, video, text chat, slides — five minutes will give you the idea)

Slideshow intro to Rheingold U, captioned

I am now an ‘Alumni’ – which makes me kind of feel senior / older :) but I see it as an ongoing learning experiment and there is no one better to learn about communities and social media than Howard!