Begun the mobile commerce wars have – RIM and operators clash over m-payments data ..

Report: RIM and operators clash over m-payment data

The shape of things to come and as Yoda would say: Begun the mobile commerce wars have :) !!

I live the statement from the Bell Canada ..

However, Almis Ledas, a VP of Mobility Corporate Development at Bell Canada, said that “we expect some closed operating-system vendors will probably try to build into the handset. RIM and Apple fall into that

Interesting Operators are now calling RIM and Apple closed!!  :)

as per link above
The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports that RIM is “locking horns” with
operators over control of data related to m-commerce services, in what
was described as “an example of the battles erupting as smartphones
evolve into electronic wallets.” The issue is centred on the
“credentials” which would normally be held in the magnetic strip or
chip of a credit card, which would be used to link to customer
accounts when a purchase is made. According to the report, the
operators want to encrypt and store the data in the SIM card, while
RIM wants the credential stored in a secure part of the handset. The
reason for the conflict is clear: if the data is stored in the SIM
card, it can be transferred seamlessly between devices, whereas if it
is stored in the handset, customers are tied to a specific device –
shifting the balance of power between operator and handset maker.

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