So .. Was Newscorp REALLY wrong to sell off mobile properties ..

Newscorp sold off their mobile properties in a big way late last year ..

On first impressions, I thought this was wrong


I started using my iPad and realised that there is a KINDLE app on the iPad ..

Android and Nokia are also open ..

In other words, any company(ex Amazon Kindle) will be able to deploy their content on OTHER people’s mobile networks(even apple) as an APP

This is not bad at all ..

So, because of apps, the access to the customers through the apps is no longer closed as it was before.

So, maybe it makes MORE sense for Newscorp to be more open by working with MULTIPLE apps platforms rather than forcing(and hoping) that people will come to their properties

They can then focus on creating content

So, in retrospect, it does not seeem such a bad idea to sell off their sites

So .. Was newscorp REALLY wrong to sell off mobile properties ..