NquiringMinds MD Nick Allott’s new book – published by futuretext

I have known Nick Allott for many years now and learnt a great deal from his insights. Hence, I am very pleased to announce that NquiringMinds MD Nick Allott will be to be published by FutureText.

This book will draw on Nick and Ajit’s first hand experience of the history of web applications, and will try to explain to the
uninitiated, exactly what these innovations are, and outline some of the potential impacts of this upcoming technologies.

It shall examine HTML5 and the new W3C supported widget technologies, and try to put these in the context of the commercial initiatives of Google, Mozilla and Nokia etc. It will also look at the impact of Open Source Initiatives such as Webkit, Mozilla and more recently Webinos and examine how the worlds of standards and Open Source are colliding.

Most importantly it will take a strategic view: and examine the question: Is this new wave or web technologies going to have the same seismic impact on business as the last one?

Nick Allott is the founder of NquiringMinds Ltd, which delivers strategic and technical consultancy to internet and mobile companies and research institutes. Complimenting this research NquiringMinds incubates and develops high impact products.

Nick has influenced the mobile industry as the CTO of OMTP (Open Mobile Terminal Platform Ltd) and Interim CTO for WAC (Wholesale Application Community Ltd), where he helped shape and deliver over 40+ industry papers including the Universal Charging Solution. Nick has been at the forefront of the new wave of Web based applications, he created the Open Source
BONDI initiative, managed the initial WAC Waikiki releases, helped define and raise funding for the Webinos Initiative and was integral to the creation of the W3C Device APIs and Policy Working Group.

Nicks primary expertise is the definition and delivery of high technology, disruptive products. He was Strategy Director and CTO for the VC invested fastmobile, later acquired by RIM, which delivered push email, push to talk and instant messaging solutions for mobile. And before that Nick was Technical Director for Motorola’s European Internet division. Nick has had
a number of other executive and consultancy positions with companies as diverse as Shell, Pearson Group, Dorling Kindersley and Neural Computer Sciences, and consequently has a breadth of industry experience encompassing, Mobile and Web, Security, Multimedia and Gaming, Data Warehousing and Data Mining, Manufacturing and Engineering.

Nick has a Joint Honours Degree in Computer and Cognitive Science from Nottingham University, and PhD in Artificial Intelligence, specialising in Computation Linguistics and Knowledge Representation. Nick is a Fellow of the Institute of Analysts and Programmers, a Member of the British Computer Society, has been published in scientific and mainstream media and is a regular speaker at international conferences on mobile and high technology issues.