iPad and Media Tablets: what are the key trends and issues

In the next couple of months, I am speaking/chairing two conferences – both related to tablets. CTIA – future of tablets event – Orlando and ICE amsterdam – Amsterdam

The objective of this post is to isolate the key issues around Media tablets for these events.

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Like the iPhone, the iPad has also created it’s own ecosystem. But the iPad is not the only game in town. Specifically we have a lot of devices deployed around Android Honeycomb especially at many tablets were launched at CES. Blackberry and Windows7 also have their own Tablet deployments

In many ways, Tablets represent the ‘Post PC’ phase – and we are soon going to manage three devices: the PC, Tablet and Mobile device. For many, including me, the Tablet is likely to be a content consumption device and depending on the tablet size, the device is not likely to be ‘mobile’.

Thus, a media tablet should have three key features:

1) It must have the form factor of a tablet which includes touch input, always on etc

2) Media tablets are optimized towards content consumption(browsing, video, books, magazines etc). Some like the Amazon Kindle are optimized towards specific content types such as books

3) Media tablets have an appstore

So, here is a list of key trends and issues. Please let me know if I have missed any

Overall Market perspective (analyst / statistics)


Content types (entertainment, games, books, magazines, newspapers, movies, academic publications, Textbooks, music, comics, Blogs)
What do customers pay for
Revenue shares and compensations, subscription
Content rights
Global distribution of content on Tablets
Content conversion

Business models

Digital first – print second model
Free vs paid


Android tablets
RIM playbook


Adobe Air
Android Honeycomb


Apple, Samsung, LG, Dell, HP, RIM, Motorola, Sharp, Acer, HTC, Asus, Archos, Lenovo, Toshiba, Nokia, Sony, MST

Design and Development

Insights from best selling ipad apps
Designing Tablet Apps best practice
User interface
Publishing to multiple platforms
Production systems
Customer analytics
Standards – EPUB vs others
IPR, Copyright and Licensing
Context for Tablet apps
Community for Tablet apps
Customer behavior on Tablets


Marketing and viral promotion
Community created books (social books)
Venture capital
European lessons vs USA
Tablet apps for blogs
Discovery of content

That’s it. Have I forgotten anything?

If you would like to speak/sponsor/attend these events, please contact me at ajit.jaokar at futuretext.com


  1. yosko_s says:

    Restricting the talk about tablets to media consumption alone is simplifying and lacking the true disruptiveness of the “next wave of the PC”.
    As Tim Cook mentioned during Apple’s last earning’s call – the tablets are booming in the Enterprise.
    I suspect that with the current development of Virtualization and the cloud (internal/external) most enterprise workers would move to tablets in the coming years. (Be it on task-specific Applications, or on VNC type solutions).

    I’d add another bullet to your list regarding Enterprise Adoption.

  2. ajit says:

    thanks! agree! :) I missed that!

  3. I think you might also want to cover the evolution of tablet. I think there’ll be division in the tablet market between the pocketable (7″ or less) and the non pocketable (10″ or more). Both solve distinct user needs. I think the tablet might even evolve more towards the phone form factor with foldable split screen thus bringing the portability of the mobile phone and big screen of the Tablet into the same device.