Could the facebook app be responsible for high phone bills?

I am surprised by the default options of the facebook app on blackberry
- Sync with photos
- Check every hour
- Check for new facebook updates etc etc.

Imagine syncing all photos from your contacts when roaminng!

Or if a new facebook update is pushed to you when you are roaming.

There does not appear to be a way to prevent these updates. I have shut off all faceboook updates now. But I can see why this could cause high bills for people.

We need apps that are ‘bearer aware’ and fb fails to do this!

There is no option to prevent it from updating when roaming. (there is an option to prevent all data when roaming but thats not what I want. Ex I want to browse the web but I don’t want to receive facebook updates and update latest pictures of all my facebook friends or get the latest update from facebook)

Image source : Blackberry cool


Dean Bubley has a nice post on this subject as well to which I agree. See Why developers need to take responsibility and create more network-aware applications