Switching to truphone next year .. any suggestions/recommendations ..

I am a very heavy user of mobile services internationally (mainly data – SMS and voice but also calls)

I have tried everything but hard to reduce the bill

Part of the problem is – Operators reduce EU rates and increase USA rates. I travel extensively in EU and also USA

This will continue next year and with increased VAT of 20% we need to find a way out

The closest operator option is 3 but that does not work very well for USA(could be wrong)

Also, roaming is a killer – ex I am in USA and the network changes sometimes – I am not sure what rates apply then even if I know Voda’s high rates for USA – I dont know what the rates are on a network which is not their normal network

So …

I am going to be using truphone a lot next year.

Anyone else doing so?

I am also looking for an android QWERTY phone with truphone sim (in the UK)

Any recommendations?

Any alternatives to truphone also welcome but I think truphone is the best option for me?

PS: Vodafone help desk actually does not know much about EU data roaming rates
One of the industry’s best known analysts James Governor @monkchips fell for this when he tweeted ..

oh fuck. turns out vodafone’s new EU roaming program wasn’t in place yet. ergo this has been an absurdly expensive web session