SIMCAMS – A man who had a stroke creates a remote camera business for monitoring patients at risk ..

I love this story .. It is inspirational how adversity can be turned into opportunity and how mobile can play a role in the lives of people who need care and remote monitoring

Stan Glover had led an active and healthy life, having previously been a market manager, but he suffered a massive stroke in July 2008. During his recovery, Stan was terrified of falling over and not being able to get up again without assistance. His wife worried about even going to the shops and leaving Stan alone, especially after one occasion when he had almost fallen into the fire.

However, the experience actually inspired and motivated Stan, who started researching solutions to the problem.

He then went on to develop a system called simcams a small, portable, alarm remote camera powered by battery or mains and fitted with a SIM card, allowing it to call mobile phones or send emails.

The solution costs a fraction of orthodox CCTV systems and comes with a remote key fob, meaning that if a
disabled user falls it activates the alarm/camera.

He says:

“Not only can my wife hear everything the camera hears but she can see everything the camera sees. Also a motion detector is incorporated into it, so they can be used for security purposes too – unauthorised entry of a property protected by a SIMCAM will generate a call to a mobile phone.”

“This allows everything that’s going on to be heard and sends very clear images of the intruder. The image is sent with no time delay, and if the first contact’s phone is turned off, it can call up to ten other numbers,”

“I’m determined to make a success of it, but in all honesty, I’d be happy if it only prevented one disabled person from being stuck on the floor for hours after a fall,”

SIMCAM has now spawned several versions – a portable one which is ideal for car security and one with a smoke sensor. Stan has even made SIM-CAMS available on a lease system and can provide a completely independent monitoring service.

I think this is truly inspirational and see the video below to know more.

As an industry we should do more to encourage such innovation!

You can read more about SIMCAM