Santa spoiler – Help – I bought an iPad but am not using it ..

This may sound very odd .. and contrary to the consumer uptake worldwide since so many people want an iPad as their Christmas gift ..

I bought an iPad recently

And it sits more or less as it is

Even my tech savvy seven year old has abandoned it for his PC

I was a fan of iPad from a commercial sense see a previous post Tablet sizes and sales: One size fits all? 10 inch screen vs 7 inch screen – insights and perspectives

There are two problems:

1) The ten inch screen is NOT mobile .. Mobility has a premium which I love (ex more compact laptops cost more, I do a lot on my blackberry etc). The iPad sits on my desk keeping the PC company

2) I thought I could read RSS, research papers or other media. But there is no disk and no USB drive. So ‘out of the box’ its pretty much useless

I am now reduced to trying to find apps for the iPad using links like techradar ipad apps
and shock horror! I even bought a ‘iPad app directory’ from WH Smith in a desperate attempt to salvage my investment (see above image – it has no web site!)

In retrospect a 7 inch tablet would be GREAT since its MORE mobile.

THAT ALONE would have helped for me since I dont see myselves buying magazine subs(except maybe National Geographic or similar) and even if I did I think I could read it on the 7 inch screen

So, it seems I may have made a mistake buying an iPad. I should have either bought a kindle(since I read extensively) or I should have bought a 7 inch tablet since its more mobile and has more access to content (if its Android based especially)

Any thoughts?

What I am saying is – a device which would be smaller and more compact would be more mobile and that alone would have helped since I genuinely see a space for a ‘tablet’ if I can carry it!!


  1. Oh, its mobile. Just maybe not in the “context of use” that you prefer ;)

    Had that debate/discussion with some guys at a mobile ministry forum earlier this month. Was easy for them to dismiss the iPad as not-mobile, until they saw someone using it in mobile contexts for a few days.

    Smaller and more compact could be a 5in (Dell Streak) or 7in (Samsung Tab) device. I’d be interested in seeing if Santa is able to have these pass a test of contextual computing use.

    You mention not being able to read RSS? How is that, there are several apps, and you can also do Google Reader and other web-based sites.

    You also mention not being able to read/use research papers. Is this because of no means to load the content on your iPad (syncing isn’t an option, how about shared document spaces or Dropbox-like services)? I use DropBox and GoodReader and that handles not just the documents, but commenting and inking on PDF ones.

    It does sound like you need more of a reading device. The Kindle would make you happy in some contexts, but not in others (document handling is not cheap). I’d also recommend the Nook Color – if its available – as its almost best of both worlds (color, readability, and magazine-friendly).

    Personally, the iPad is one part decent, and another part points to something smartphones could have easily fulfilled with a dual-screen strategy. For now, the iPad is my browsing/reading/notebook – but that can and just might change in 2011.

  2. Utah SEO says:

    I got an iPad for my anniversary last year and love it, though not for business reasons. I have all of my music, TV shows, and a lot of movies on it along with a lot of games and “neat-O” applications.

    I’ve never done a bit of work, but have found that it’s fantastic to take along for flying trips and also for down time in hotel rooms.

    If you do either I’d recommend using it for the entertainment factor, and if not to definitely get rid of it.