NEMO-SpectroNet Collaboration Forum – research topics in mobile, sensors and imaging

I was invited to attend the NEMO-SpectroNet Collaboration Forum but could not make it.

It is at Jena in Germany which is ofcourse the home of Carl Zeiss

The event focusses on visual quality with digital color image processing and spectral imaging in general. There are a number of mobile related topics which I find are important research topics in mobile. I list them below(since site is mostly in German). If anyone is attending this, happy to cross post your views on OpenGardens

Session 1: Mobile 3D and CAQ
Mobile 3D-Scan Technology / System Control and Visualisation with iPod
Smart 3D-Inspections with DLP-Sensor
Mobile 3D Measurement System for Plastics
Smart WLI-portable for 3D Surface Inspections
Mobile CAQ with Cloud Computing
Mobile Marketing with Cloud Computing

Session 2: Mobile Lighting and Colors
Colored and Multi Spectral Imaging – An Overview
Automatic Control for Lighting and Focussing in Green Vision
Color Stabilization of Flash Lighting for Smart Vision
Smart Cameras for Colouring the Invisible
Color Measurement with Smart FQ Sensors
Universal Test Chart for Smart Vision Sensors and APPs

Session 3: Small is Beautiful
Micro Smart Cameras for Mobile Applications
The World’s Smallest Digital Color Camera
Smart Vision with Lensless Microscopes
Optical Identification Sensors with Light Transmission
OEM-Electronics for Mobile Spectrometers
Texas Instruments DSP or Intel ATOM? Embedded Solutions for Image Processing
Mikrokopter with Camera for Field Inspections

Session 4: Special Tasks and Applications
Smart Sensors for Glass Solar Quality Inspections
Optical Sensors for CO2 Reduction and Photodynamical Disinfection
Smart Image Processing in Tool Industry
Smart Inspection Systems for Industrial Applications
Mobile Messaging with ECCi Code on Smart Phones
Edge Detection in Multi Channel Images from Smart Sensors
Fundamental Changes in Green Vision and Photonics with Smartpads & Smartphones