UK Kindle Users Forum (KUF)

Our friends run the UK Kindle Users Forum (KUF) and I recommend it if you are interested in Kindle

The Kindle Users Forum UK (KUF) launched in September 2010 alongside the Amazon Kindle in the UK. The forum, now known as KUF is currently growing fast as a dedicated UK forum for Kindle owners and eBook fans. The forum welcomes both Kindle fans and authors alike and aims to provide tips, support and a common meeting place for the discussion and review of eBooks and eBook hardware. The KUF book club is now in it’s first month with a book by an upcoming author chosen as the first read.

As well as providing a community, the Kindle Users Forum also has it’s own system from reading news and blogs on the Kindle formatted for ease of reading and compatibility with the Kindle browser. Unlike many other forums, it has been designed to work and display properly on the Kindle’s experimental web browser without causing eye-strain or unnecessary scrolling/zooming.

If you are a Kindle owner, an avid reader or an author yourself, the Kindle Users Forum should prove a valuable resource. The forum is located at UK Kindle Users Forum (KUF)