Private planet – A pioneering personal cloud computer ..

I covered mydex before and private planet is another cool product in Beta.

Headed by Dr Janko Mrsic-Flogel who is well known in this space (ex Imperial college/ Head of innovation at transport for London etc). Having known Dr Janko well and seeing this product working, I am tracking it with interest

There are a few interesting things about it
1) It works as of now i.e. its not a vision. Its a product and I have seen it work

2) It works across devices ex Blackberry, iPhone etc

3) Interestingly enough, it does not do traditional IP based routing but uses some form of context / content based routing

I see content based routing emerging from academia to industry. ex see van Jacobsen’s paper from PARC on Content Centric Networking (pdf)

In any case, private planet is one to watch