Would we need wikileaks if journalists did their jobs?

Whichever side of the argument you are on, you have to wonder: Would we need wikileaks if mainstream journalists did their jobs in the first place?

It seems that all the journalists are left reporting on wikileaks when presumably they are paid for getting the truth ..

After all, in 2003, we have ‘embedded journalists‘ for the first time covering the war

Interesting that none of them seem to have discovered anything unusual and all their stories were remarkably consistent

The next time Rupert Murdoch talks of the value of journalism, we should remind him of this .. i.e. by all means journalism has value but what we saw recently was definitely not valuable journalism which is why charging for online news and content will be increasingly a poor model since in retrospect, there was little of value getting one sided information

The Web, thus upholds the values of society such as freedom and liberty much better than what the old media could