Great news – Mckinsey quarterly now a register only free service ..

Mckinsey quarterly was one of the few publications I paid for recently

Mckinsey quarterly sent me the following email:
In an effort to make McKinsey Quarterly content more easily accessible, in November of 2010 we will begin phasing out Premium Membership. At that time, you will no longer need to pay to access content. Instead, all content—including articles, videos, podcasts, and multimedia—will be available upon registration. In future months, we will be enriching the site even more, adding new types of content and making content more accessible.

This is great news. Its great quality content and now it will be accessible to more people. I may event considering contributing to it as well :) But I think definately its worth a free subscription and following on twitter

To gauge quality of articles: Here are two good articles(both need free subs)

Why Europe lags behind the United States in productivity

Moving women to the top McKinsey Global Survey results

You can follow them on @McKQuarterly