Operators priceplans deceptively appear to give users a choice ..

I am in Berlin for most of the week and I got this message from Vodafone

From Vodafone: Just to let you know, you’ve used over 3MB of data which has cost you £1 incVAT per MB so far. Once you use more than 5MB, the charge changes to £5 incVAT for the next 5MB. If you’d like to stop receiving these alerts, text STOP to 40506 Sent SEP 14 @21:39 UK

Can anyone make sense of it?

Its 1£/mb till 3Mb
AFTER that, its £5 for 5M – which is also 1£/Mb

Whats the point?

why have something so complex?

This is why regulation and transparency is needed on priceplans


  1. Martin says:

    Hi Ajit,

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that meant that after the 3MB you will be charged 5 pounds at once. But as you say, it’s not really self explanatory…