A change in my twitter usage strategy ..

I have been using twitter for a while but as of yesterday I decided to test a change in my approach.

I read RSS extensively i.e. I read so many feeds/blogs etc and they are from a range of topics since I am involved deeply in a few areas like: Mobility, Future Internet, Open(Systems thinking), Policy, Social networking and Internet of Things. And there is other areas like comics, archaeology, quantum mechanics, music, human rights etc etc.

So, I follow a lot of feeds.

Instead of just ‘starring’ the post in Google reader, I am going to also Tweet it with a comment where I can. Hopefully, this will be useful for you if you are following me and are interested in these areas

My blogs have always been much longer and detailed and since the upgrade to wordpress over the summer, we have been enhancing the blog a lot as well. So, this is complimentary. I will also try and comment more and twitter is good for that as well

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