Mobile Web 2.0 for sensor networks: Interfacing Sensor Networks Twitter and WordPress

This is a cool/fun topic which I have been looking into recently

In a nutshell, this blog describes a way to interface twitter and wordpress using sensor networks using two products called Waspmote and meshlium from libelium htechnologies

The actual mechansim is a bit cryptic so I have tried to make this blog more complete by adding a bit more about the two products and how they interact in case of forest fire detection and that helps understand the twitter/facebook sensor application better.

Waspmote is a modular platform for wireless sensor network which connects to a number of sensor boards. Meshlium is a multiprotocol mesh router which combines Wifi, ZigBee, GPRS, Bluetooth and GPS technologies.

Together, the architecture can be used to form an ad hoc sensor network. For example: In the case of detecting forest fires using wireless sensor networks using waspmote . In this configuration, the sensors connected to Waspmote gather information in a ZigBee wireless network which connects by WiFi to the control panel. 90 Waspmotes were deployed in strategic locations; 4 parameters (Temperature, Relative humidity, Carbon monoxide (CO) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) were measured each at 5 minute intervals

A similar architecture works in the case of detecting a threshold value and sending a tweet/creating a wordpress blog Interfacing Sensor Networks with Twitter and WordPress . On real applications, each sensor usage has its own alert parameters, and several alerts can be launched over different sensors.

The ‘sniffer’ program reads frames received through a Bluetooth Serial Port or a XBee module and store it on a MySQL database. If a detected value if greater that alert_value, an alarm is processed and a post on twitter is made. Same logic works for a post on wordpress. The relevant section of code is as below and the entire tutorial is at Interfacing Sensor Networks with Twitter and WordPress

The relevant section of code is as below

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