Congratulations to Martin Sauter – Wireless moves for a million page views

Our friend Martin Sauter hits a million page views on his blog wireless moves

I often refer to Wireless moves as an example of how a blog should be. Factual, consistent and informative.

Blogging is now a mature medium. At one time, there was a blog created per second. (That’s one new blog – not one new blog post!!). But today, in each segment, we are seeing the winners emerge and this news reinforces the trend in my view. Success with blogs does not mean you have to blog every day, but what you blog about must be truly useful and unique to your audience.

And what about Twitter?

I am a huge fan of Twitter .. But I agree to this (not sure where I read this) ‘Blogs are for leaders and twitter is for followers’ :)

Twitter may see a lot of traction but Twitter is merely what we pay attention to. If you consider that Web 1.0 was the ‘read only web’ and Web 2.0 is the ‘Read Write Web’ – then you have to ask – what are you really writing to the web and how useful is it to others? Twitter has value only as content spotting(by definition of 160 characters). You cannot be a good content creator on twitter you can be only a good content spotter.

In the world of Blogs and Twitter it will be even more difficult to get traction and we will see only a few blogs who really dominate specific intellectual niches

Congratulations again to Martin!