Speaking at – Global Internet of Things conference – Beijing – China Nov 23 to 25 – 2010

I am speaking in Beijing for the first time as an invited expert for the Global Internet of Things conference – Beijing in China. I have been also recommending this conference to companies I know since its a unique opportunity to see a showcase of the best Chinese companies in this space.

I have always been interested in Smart cities, Smart Grid and the wider impact of the Internet of Things. See this post from O Reilly which shows how relevant ‘Smart/Connected’ manufacturing will be in the near future for Global competitiveness in the near future – The manufacturing future Can the United States become more competitive as a maker of things?. So, I am hoping to share and learn a lot here. If you want to attend this event, please email me at ajit.jaokar at futuretext.co and I shall be happy to introduce you to the organizers.

Some more information as below:

Hosted by China Council For The Promotion Of International Trade, GIOTC & CIOTE is the highest governmental and national level conference and exhibition of its kind in the field of internet of things in China by now. The conference is mainly open to the leaders in the related government departments, experts and scholar, associations and enterprises. Topics at GIOTC will range from policies, techniques and application, investment to talent exchange. CIOTE over the same period will provide a platform of meeting, presentation, communication and cooperation to the manufactures, suppliers, distributors, application services in the whole internet of things chain. The related government department, associations, enterprises, researchers, investors, top persons and talents in financial and other fields will come to attend this great event.

Press release picture below: