New handset classification: Feature phone – Sub Smart phone -Smart phone -and Super smart phones?

I have been thinking of this for a some time ..

The traditional ways of classifying a device include Smart phone vs Feature phone. That classification no longer works in the current, more complex ecosystem.

Hence, we could use the following classification:

Feature phones: Predominantly voice and messaging phones which run on an RTOS(real time operating system)

Sub smart phones: Phones which have a ‘feature phone form factor’ but have many ‘smart phone like’ features – Ex LG cookie

Smart phones : Phones which have a range of high end features but provide a great user experience, they provide ‘more’ but are not overwhelming. They score high on ‘out of the box experience’, personalization, efficiency and exploration. This includes the iPhone, Blackberry and the Nokia N95 because they provide more features but not so much more that it becomes overwhelming to the user

Finally, we now have a new class of phones (super smart phones – for the lack of a better word) – which could be described as ‘Unlimited functionality’ phones to the average user. This includes Nexus One, Nokia N8 etc

Maybe ‘super’ is not the best word

I mean more ‘generative

Generative technologies: Technologies like personal computers that have the capacity to produce unprompted, user-driven change. For example, on a PC any person can write code, run that code on a variety of platforms, and share that code with anyone who might want it. In general, generative technologies are useful for performing tasks, adaptable, easy to master, permission-free, and share-able. In the name of security consumers are increasingly moving away from generative technologies like the PC and towards tethered ones like the iPhone.


PS: I know it is easy to debate the use of ‘super’ in this context and I could not find a better word. But i am more keen to explore the idea of a smart phone as ‘more but not overwhelming’ because that categorization keeps the phone within the consumer electronics domain whereas the ‘super’ takes it more in the PC domain


stan wiechers suggested ‘Experience phone’. I agree. Better definition than ‘super’. See The Rise of the Experience Phone


  1. stan wiechers says:

    what do you think of experience phone? thats what we have been using. see def here: