What is the industry and customer perception of Samsung, LG and Sony Ericsson

I get a lot of questions, comments etc about the strategy of Nokia, Apple and RIM and often Samsung, LG and Sony Ericsson are overlooked(Moto is still in flux in my view)

Hence, I wonder what is the perception of Samsung, LG and SE in the industry and the marketplace?


a) What is the profile of people who buy these phones in EU and North America

b) What is the industry view of these players

c) What is the positioning in the near future

d) Are they targetting specific segments?

e) Are they changing segments from what they targetted before(like RIM moving from enterprise to consumer)

f) What is the impact of their respective platforms(ex Android, BADA etc)


1) I see a clear desire of Samsung to be industry leaders.

2) I see Samsung and LG focussing on the new category of customers which are above the featurephone but with smartphone like features

3) SE – no idea!

what do you think?