Is this a new twitter business model

Since twitter business models are in the air and being discussed at the Chirp conference, .. here is a proposed model ..

If I send a direct message tweet starting with ‘S ‘ (s space’), then I want that tweet to be converted to an SMS to the person being sent the message to.

This has some interesting implications and value for customers since it converts the urgent tweet to SMS

secondly(and independently)

I was thinking that how would we get @twittername into HTML itself ie in twitter if I put @AjitJaokar then it translates to but to make this as a part of generic web – how would that go about?

I am aware of the non-open nature of Twitter etc, but still the question bears thinking about since Twitter has become so pervasive

Update ..

Interestingly prophetic post!

I see on April 23: Twitter Acquires Cloudhopper, Looks To Become Highest Volume SMS Program Worldwide


  1. Martin says:

    Hi Ajit,
    For people with international contacts like me it would be an easy and convenient way to send SMSs around the world without an additional cost for international delivery from the mobile phone.
    Others like Skype also offer international texting but Twitter is more convenient on the phone.