Has O2 taken a backward step – blaming apps for network woes ..

Historically, O2 has been trying to work with developers and of late, there has been some good outreach to developers but this appears to be a backward step ..

Apps causing data bottlenecks, not iPhones claims O2 CTO.

How do we interpret this? Are we going back to the days of ‘blame the apps’ or worse still – blame the developers?

I hope not .. but am interested to know what exactly does this mean (blame the apps). Is it ALL apps? Is it specific apps? etc etc ..


  1. Ideally, they may want to blame the users for using too much data service :)

  2. Simon says:

    At first sight this sounds crazy – it’s all data whether from an App or from a browser. Only explanation I can come up with is that as Apps run in the background they contribute traffic at all times of the day including at the peak hour (the driver of network costs for any telco).
    As the iPhone alone is unable to do background processes it is perhaps nicer on the network? That would be an ironic benefit.

  3. Debi Jones says:

    Hi Ajit,
    I’m not sure if you are aware, but I’ve taken on a contracting assignment with Telefonica as Editor-In-Chief of Telefonica Developer Communities.
    Of course, I understand your point and am in the process of setting up an appearance by Derek McManus, CTO O2 to discuss his comments. I hope you will bring your questions to the our live podcast at
    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/telefonicadev and ask them to Derek directly.
    A tentative date for Derek’s appearance is Mar 31, so you can either use the call in number or use the “Talk” button on the show page during the show to join us on air. We take call in questions from our audience on all shows.
    I’ll let you know once we have the date confirmed.

  4. Ajit Jaokar says:

    thanks debbie. I will see what I can do but cannot really promise exact times to be at podcast etc but will try rgds Ajit