Google vs. Times of India: Google has no advertising ..

Recently, I heard someone say(forget the person), that their mother likes Google because Google has no advertising!

In other words, she did not feel that the discreet text based advertising from Google was ‘advertising’ as she was used to (in your face, old style aggressive broadcast media type advertising)

Contrast that with this one .. India’s largest newspaper Times Of India (Wikipedia link intentional so that I avoid linking to them) set up in 1838.

THIS is an advertisement from their site .. AFTER another initial ‘welcome screen’(also a different advertisement) and also additional popups.

Basically it takes over the whole screen ..

The Web would be overwhelmed with this extraordinary foot in the door stupidity of old media had it not been for Google!

So, Thank God for Google which shows us relevant and discreet advertising which some people consider is ‘not advertising’

thank god for google.jpg


  1. Ankur says:

    Making money for any online media company is tough, any and all ads are welcome. Google can show very relevant advertisements as it has a huge search engine to back it up..Google has done a good job, however that does not mean that others are doing a bad job…

  2. bose says:

    Of course, do not forget that Times Of India also has “paid news” —
    Through “Times Private Treaties”, they ensure favourable news for companies that sign up for the Private Treaty service.
    This is probably better than ads in terms of revenue and continued business. Beats Google !