My Digital Footprint – by Tony Fish


Tony Fish has finished writing My Digital Footprint which is a new strategy and business book on identity, privacy, trust and the direction of the Web. The book explores where next for the Web, the associated business models, who owns your data and how value and wealth will be created.

The book is about the digital data created from your interactions with electronic devices, such as mobile phones, web PCs and TV. This data has significant value, when analysed and fed-back, to create services with colour, focus and relevancy for you as a user, as well as to brands, who want to own your whole digital life experience. Digital footprint data is valuable and is the reason why the ownership of this data class is the Web’s next battleground.

The two central ideas which underpin value in My Digital Footprint are: the real-time feedback loop and the role of the mobile device in enriching the value of the data. The ability to get data off a mobile device lends itself to the unique advantage a mobile device has. The book explores how the mobile device once prevailed for the consumption of content and has evolved to enable the capturing of data on what and how we consume and with whom.

Like Marmite, some people like the idea of digital footprints and some do not, but, irrespective of personal preference, we all leave digital footprints behind us and they are about much more than just identity. Digital footprints are about where we have been, for how long, how often; with whom and the inter-relationships we formed in getting there. Digital footprints are memories and moments and not your personal identity, your passport, bank account or social security number.

Tony explains that the value is in capturing, analysing and creating value for your customer and has applied this learning with a unique and innovate route to monetise the book. You can buy it from Amazon ( or direct from the FutureText and he will get your name and address. The complete book is available online for free at My Digital Footprint However, if you want to read others comments on the book or leave comments and join in the debate; where the real value lies, you have to declare who you are by registering, allowing Tony to build a self interested community and create wealth (he hopes)