Jonathan Ross leaves the BBC – He won’t starve, but he will have to work more

Jonathan Ross leave BBC.JPG

Jonathan Ross – UK’s highest paid TV presenter is to leave the BBC.

Many (including me) think that this is good riddance! since the BBC is taxpayer funded and paying 18 million for a ‘star’ who essentially is an interviewer is an excessive expense of what is taxpayer’s money.

But there is a larger trend here .. It shows the decline of Old media business models like Television.

TV needs mass audiences. Mass audiences need ‘stars’. When audiences fragment, the stars are not really needed. That’s why over the 13 years that Jonathan Ross has been on the BBC, the world around him has changed(for the good in my view)

Ben Preston, Editor Radio times, sums it up nicely when he says

Ross’s decision is a little moment of television history. It’s the moment which proves even the biggest celebrities can’t escape the fallout of the digital explosion.

As audiences fragment across new channels and online, so broadcasters simply can’t afford exclusive deals with the hottest talent any more. He is now be doing what thousands of other forty-something men are already doing in the recession – he’s leaving the embrace of one company where he’s worked for years, and heading off to build a “portfolio career” instead – that’s management speak for going freelance. He won’t starve, but he will have to work more.

It will be interesting to see what Jonathan Ross does in the new media world after having been paid handsomely in the old media world.