Paper – Smart Grids and the need for collaboration.

As I have posted before, I am ultimately working on Privacy and Smart Grids .. which I will post as we go along. But here is a paper about is Smart Grids and the need for collaboration – first published in the World Economic Forum networks.

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Note this is still in draft form.


This brief paper was first published on World Economic Forum WELCOM network.

Drawing insights from the principles of Internet, it discusses the implications for the evolution of Smart Grids. Most people are ‘over exposed but under educated’ in relation to the Internet. Thus, everyone ‘knows’ the Internet since they use it, but few people realise the disruptive potential of the Internet. This paper explores the influence of the Internet to the Smart Grids ecosystem. It recommends that early engagement is the best strategy rather than waiting for the industry to be transformed totally. A collaborative model which engages with competitors, partners and customers is a practical approach going forward.

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