The acquisition of Admob by Google is as big as the launch of the iPhone

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The acquisition of Admob by Google is a seminal moment .. Much like the launch of the iPhone. That might seem like an exaggeration, but I think it indicates a turning point for the industry .. And a wake-up call for both the advertising industry and Telecoms.

Consider this .. The traditional ad agencies could not build an off portal ad engine. They are still stuck in the mindset of ‘creatives’ and ‘Digital’ to TOTALLY miss the boom in mobile advertising. I met a senior ad exec once who said that their agency specialises in ‘Digital’ .. I half jokingly asked him . If he had worked on ‘Analogue’(i.e. opposite of Digital) .. he took it as a compliment and launched into a debate of how wonderful the days of TV were for the advertising industry (when the revenue, rates and metrics were predictable and their audience did not ‘talk back’) … I did not really expect him to understand mobile, let alone the Internet.

The guy was in a 1980s time warp ..

His mind(and heart) lay with TV..

If agencies do not evolve, then one has to question their long term existence .. See The elephant in the room: Can agencies be a part Agency 2.0?

Now, consider Telecoms.

The Admob story is also a big win for the off-portal strategy. I cannot say the same for Advertising initiatives confined to specific Operators since it’s hard to see how they can match the billions of impressions. With players like Apple and Google, the rate of change for Telecoms now mirrors that of the Web and new thinking is needed going forward. However, many in the industry still like to base their strategies and reports towards the Operator – partly for historical reasons, partly because they believe that’s their customer.

But why is this acquisition such a big landmark?

The Admob acquisition and growth reflects a deeper trend by the customer towards Mobile Web and Mobile Apps. It indicates that Mobile Web and Mobile Apps are becoming the most significant elements of the Mobile industry surpassing both Voice and SMS in importance.


We all know that Mobile Web and Mobile Apps are a significant(if not primary) mode of access to the Web for many people .. but the Admob figures indicate that the manner of access is significant ..

Historically, the belief was – people accessed the Mobile Web with an ‘intent’ (such as ‘find my nearest’) .. If that were the case, we would never have seen such a large number of ad impressions. So, the Mobile Web access has become pervasive .. instead if ‘intent based’

In other words, the Mobile Web (and Mobile Apps) have arrived.

And brings good news to Admob, a company which I have been following for a while, knowing Russell Buckley for many years now Google acquires Admob for $750m – Congrats Russell Buckley ..

But still .. some old views persist. Just yesterday, Jim Ryan of Motricity said .. “If the mobile internet turns into the general internet, then shame on us”

Only Rupert Murdoch springs to mind when I read the comment about paying for news .. And even he would not be so myopic to think that ‘mobile’ news will be paid for …

So, I think while old views persist, this is a wake up call for the industry

But the Admob acquisition shows that Mobile Web and Mobile Apps have ‘arrived’!

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