Peter Fleischer – Privacy – Italy episode cannot be good for doing business in Italy ..

Is it me or does the Peter Fleischer – Privacy – Italy cause deep concern to anyone else?

Read the following section in his blog .. Firstly, the entire episode is unprecedented and secondly it causes deep concern to doing any business in Italy ..

Why? Well, Italy has a legal concept which is unknown in Anglo-Saxon countries: namely, that an employee of a company can be held personally criminally liable for the actions or non-actions of the corporation he works for. Moreover, Italy has also criminalized much of its data protection laws, meaning that routine data protection questions can give rise to criminal prosecutions. As everyone in the field of privacy knows, data protection laws are full of sweeping statements that need to be interpreted with judgment and common sense. But imagine the consequences if every data protection decision made by a company can be second-guessed by a public prosecutor with little knowledge of privacy law. Does that mean that a data protection lawyer working for a company is running the risk of personal criminal arrest and indictment and prosecution for routine business practices?

This cannot be good for Italy as a whole .. and I wonder what message it send to people wanting to do business in Italy