Open Mobile – My latest book is now available as an e-book for an introductory price of $4.99 USD(298 pages)

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My latest book co-authored with Anna Gatti is now available as an e-book for an introductory price of $4.99 USD(298 pages). If you are interested, just send me an email at ajit.jaokar at and we can process the payment via paypal

Open Mobile: Understanding the Impact of Open Mobile – Implications for Telecoms/Devices, Web, Social Networks, Media and Personal Privacy took two years to write!

The idea for this book first arose when I spoke at Stanford University in late 2006 and met Anna through a mutual friend, Dr Adam Tolnay.

The book took more than two years to write .. And with good reason.

In that timeframe, much of the closed ecosystem we once took for granted has now been transformed by the Open Mobile mindset. And recent events indicate that there is now no turning back…

We also explored the topic of Open Mobile from multiple perspectives (Telecoms, Content, Web, Social Networking and Privacy). In that sense, this book attempts to present a Neutral

Point of View.

Thus, this book has been written against a backdrop of rapid change and we view it as ‘perpetual beta’.

This book explores the interplay between the world of the Internet and the world of mobility. The Internet world is regarded as being ‘Open’; however, as we shall see, ‘Open’ can be

interpreted differently depending on constituency. The mobile world is supposed to be ‘Closed’. Thus, the interaction between the Internet and mobile worlds extends beyond technology – and into the realm of philosophy (Open vs. Closed). Driven by customers and under the influence of the Internet, it is inevitable that the closed mobile ecosystem is now ‘Opening up’. We call this phenomenon ‘Open Mobile’.

This book explores the three drivers of Open Mobile:

● the Internet

● social networking and

● the creation of content (also called Web 2.0)

We also consider the five perspectives of Open Mobile:

● the Internet/Web

● telecoms/devices

● content

● social networking and

● privacy

We then extrapolate the current and future impact of Open Mobile in terms of:

● services

● business models

● Cloud computing and

● The Internet of Things

In the Web model, the money is in the links and not the nodes. The Open ecosystem fits well into that paradigm by enabling the creation of new links – between people, objects and content. The mobile future, when it manifests itself fully, is bright. However, getting to that future will mean a transformation of industries and economies. We accept that different constituencies react differently to the word ‘Open’, hence, the need to explore the topic of Open Mobile from five different perspectives. These perspectives are not aligned in their meaning and adoption of ‘Open’.

However, by choosing to address Open Mobile from the perspective of different players in the ecosystem, we provide a unique (and sometimes contradictory!) insight into a rapidly changing environment. This holistic approach adds value since it gives insights into the strategies and goals of other players – many of whom may not be from your industry.

It takes a lot of thinking and ‘putting yourselves in other people’s shoes’ i.e. an NPOV(Neutral point of view) perspective and then to also capture the evoltion of these principles(trends) and the ethos of open collaboration (i.e. the impact on society of all these

changes). Plus we wanted to make it very readable!

Anna and I had the scope and breadth of knowledge – and yet it pushed our limits and took a long time to write!

We hope you enjoy reading it.

You can buy the e-book version for an introductory price of $4.99 USD. If you are interested, just send me an email at ajit.jaokar at and we can process the payment via paypal

About the Authors

Ajit Jaokar

Ajit Jaokar is the founder of the London based publishing and research company futuretext focussed on emerging Web and Mobile. His thinking is widely followed in the industry and his blog, the OpenGardensBlog, which was recently rated a top 20 wireless blog worldwide. In 2009 – 2010, Ajit was nominated as part of the Global Agenda Council on the Future of the Internet by the world economic forum. He hopes to use this opportunity to further extend the pragmatic viewpoint of the evolution of Telecoms networks in an open ecosystem.

His consulting activities include working with companies to define value propositions across the device, network, Web and Social networking stack spanning both technology and strategy. He has worked with a range of commercial and government organizations globally including The European Union, Telecoms Operators, Device manufacturers, social networking companies and security companies in various strategic and visionary roles.

His recent talks and forthcoming talks include: CEBIT 2009; MobileWorld Congress(2007, 2008, 2009); CTIA(2008,2009); Keynote at O Reilly Web20 expo (April 2007);Keynote at Java One; European Parliament – Brussels – (Electronic Internet Foundation); Stanford University’s Digital visions program; MIT Sloan; Fraunhofer FOKUS; University of St. Gallen (Switzerland).

Media appearances include BBC – Newsnight – 3phone launch; CNN money; BBC digital planet. Ajit chairs Oxford University’s Next generation mobile applications panel and conducts a course on Web 2.0, Social networking, Mobile Web 2.0 and LTE services at Oxford University.

Ajit lives in London, UK, but has three nationalities (British, Indian and New Zealander) and is proud of all three. He is currently doing a PhD on Privacy and Reputation systems at UCL in London.

Twitter @AjitJaokar

Anna Gatti

Anna Gatti is the Head of International Online Sales and Operations for YouTube. She is independent board member of the leading mobile media company Buongiorno (Italy, MTA STAR: BNG). Before joining Google, Anna was partner of the venture capital fund myQube, and advisor to major telecommunication companies. Anna has completed a PhD in Criminology, a PhD in Business Administration and Management, and a post doctoral program in organizational theories at Stanford University. When she is not traveling, Anna lives in Palo Alto, California.

Twitter @gattinger

About the Editor

Peggy Anne Salz is the founder and publisher of MsearchGroove (MSG), an online source of analysis and commentary on mobile search, mobile advertising, social media and all things digital at the intersection of content and context. Her report, Mobile Search & Content Discovery–the first of its kind–establishes Peggy as an authority on mobile search and content discovery technologies enabling media companies and mobile operators to monetize content and services.

As a committed independent thinker and free agent, Peggy has established a successful consulting career based on vision, insight, versatility, and over 15 years of industry experience. She has written over 300 articles and also comments on daily developments in mobile search and mobile advertising for magazines and online destinations such as MobiAd News, Mobile Entertainment, Mobile Media, and New Media Age. Peggy also writes Agile Minds, a monthly column for eContent magazine documenting the breakthrough technologies and companies that

will influence the nextgeneration Internet, widely referred to as Web 2.0.

Peggy’s drive to spark debate about issues impacting the mobile industry at all levels has won her international recognition as a brave new voice in the mobile content market. Her speaking

calendar includes engagements at mobile search and mobile advertising conferences worldwide. Graduating with honors from the University of Pittsburgh, Peggy earned a B.A. in Philosophy of Science, Political Science, and Economics. She is a Fulbright fellow and a member of the International Who’s Who of Professionals.

Email: peggy at

You can buy the e-book version for an introductory price of $4.99 USD. If you are interested, just send me an email at ajit.jaokar at and we can process the payment via paypal