How do we explain an increase of 70% in Ovi downloads in one month?(Sep to Oct)?

A Nokia manager says in his blog that Ovi Store downloads rise by 70% sep to oct.

Note that this is not an official press release but a Nokia manager on his personal blog.

This is interestng .. but I find it hard to explain ..

a) What exactly accounts for this MASSIVE jump?

b) What apps are being downloaded that account for this jump?

c) Are there any commercial developer success stories?


The comments on that blog are also interesting and are more reflective of the ground reality as I see it. But I am truly interested if we are seeing an ‘under the radar’ trend here ..

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  1. TW says:

    I suspect it’s more to do with percentages and the law of small numbers. Very telling that no absolute numbers released. In those cases, it’s usually that there is nothing big to shout about.
    That being said, Ovi’s being much more heavily pushed in advertising media over here in the UK (TV, in store, billboard, news) and as such it’s gaining in profile. There are also just more devices out there with Ovi pre-installed. There is also an element of iPhone having a halo effect on the app ecosystem generally – by which I mean, users are starting to say “hold on, where can I get apps on MY device?” and as such experimenting with Ovi.