Trial by (social) media – should a tube worker be suspended over a single video clip?

Our friend Jonathan McDonald has made it in the news with his coverage of a London underground Tube worker ..

This is all good .. And is a good example of citizen’s media .. However .. I question .. The suspension of the worker over this incident ..

A caution, yes – but not a cause for suspension in my view.

Media and social media should be taken in context.

The short clip shows us nothing of the context and of the ‘little old man’. It also comes at a time of fare rises which is never welcome.

But I question the trial by ‘social media’

I thought social media was above such mass media tactics :)

I don’t condone the actions of the worker .. I just want to put it in context ..


  1. I completely agree – and it’s interesting to see that not many of the newspapers joined in with the vilification.
    It reminded me of this:
    (Catching up on some long over-due reading!)