What are the possible end user centric abstractions for Cloud computing ..

The definition of cloud computing is nebulous ..(excuse the pun ..) but in general .. it is framed in commercial/ vendor language .. i.e. We could say that Cloud computing is a way to consume hardware and software as a service(the classic Capex v.s. Opex arguement)

This is good .. but it is not end user centric .. i.e. makes sense as a vendor but as a end user it needs to appeal to me in more concrete terms .. not just capex vs opex ..

I saw this video about What is Cloud computing and although there are some whacky definitions .. Kevin Marks(Google) ideas are interesting ..

Essentially .. the cloud comes from the ‘network diagram’ model where the network was the Cloud. And in that case, everything is a ‘message’ – You send a message to the cloud and receive a message from the other side based on the processing in the cloud. This makes sense as an end user.

Hence, we can see the Cloud is an ‘abstraction’. For example: The Internet is an abstraction of the Cloud around packets. The Web is an abstraction of the Cloud around documents etc ..

Thus, different abstractions are possible – for instance the social abstraction(social layer), Privacy abstraction(Privacy cloud), Regional abstraction(EU cloud), National abstraction(National cloud), The secure cloud, The Mobile cloud and so on .. Each of which will have different principles and best practices ..

This is interesting and end user centric ..

How many such abstractions could be possible? And then .. maybe each could have best practices?

You could take this idea to many levels .. ex – Best practises for a Local government Cloud, Best practices for a University cloud etc. All of which would be based on a collaboration paradigm ..

That’s all I could think of .. so far .. comments welcome ..