Is the uptake of casual games/games for women a myth?

Here is a thought ..

A few years ago, Casual gaming was supposed to be a big beneficiary in the near future.

Same with games for women (i.e. not games for the typical male audience)

Now .. the iPhone is a successful platform across the sexes i.e. we see many women who use the iPhone

But the top iPhone games of all times shows mainly male oriented games and / or old favourites

There does not seem to be an uptake of casual games or games for women – even when the platform(iPhone) is adopted and used by a wider segment

Hence, is the uptake of casual games/games for women a myth?


Many people have said that there is some evidence in terms of comments on games from women etc – but my point is the iPhone offers many data points -ex we know how many women have bought phones – how many games have been downloaded from those phones – etc etc. Yet, there does not seem to be any direct emperical study. There is some good analysis about casual games and the iPhone ex: from venturebeat


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