CTIA Mobile applications event presentations

The mobile applications event at CTIA was great and thanks to all who attended and participated in it.

One comment from an Operator attendee said it all: He said that the people speaking at this event were ‘crème de la crème’ in the apps space – and by that he meant .. Many people had dabbled in apps but the speakers had actually done deployed real apps (for instance for Business week, Games etc ) and thus earned their stripes. Speakers also spanned the ecosystem from Operators to device manufacturers to entrepreneurs.

I could not agree more ..

The event had a very high quality of speakers and indeed they were crème de la crème – and it took us a lot of time to find them!(and there was no shortage of people who wanted to speak!)

We will be uploading the presentations free on the Mobile applications network

(but you have to join the network).

Many of the speakers will also be continuing the conversation on the Mobile applications network

Thanks again for the event