Book review: Android wireless application development by Shane Conder and Lauren Darcey

Shane and Lauren were kind enough to send me a complimentary copy of their book on Android for review.

Firstly, I am a great fan of Android and it’s potential and if you doubt the commercial significance of Android, don’t miss this great blog from my good friend C Enrique Ortiz where he discusses the article from Richard Wong(Accell partners) on why Android is so revolutionary

I found Android wireless application development to be a great, comprehensive book primarily for a developer audience but also beyond.

The book asks 12 questions as below

Android applications development  book.JPG

It covers the development aspects in great detail with a pragmatic mindset including APIs ex: data storage, networking, location. Multimedia, telephony, 3D and optional hardware apis

I especially liked Ch 18 mobile software development process and Ch 19 Developing and Testing Bulletproof Android Applications

The author’s blog is HERE and I also found Lauren Darcey’s personal blog interesting with travels in Africa, getting stuck between a herd of rampaging hippopotami etc. I have covered similar wildlife themes on this blog but with a little less personal adventure :)

One caveat – the book does not really cover the commercials of selling Android apps in great detail .. and to be fair .. that’s an evolving process which you can see from the presentations at the CTIA mobile applications conference which I chaired last week in San Diego

To conclude, – I recommend you read the book and you can buy it from the Amazon link above