How to create a business plan for an appstore strategy

At the Mobile applications store event in CTIA

we have a special session on how to create a business plan for an appstore strategy

We will also continue the conversation in the Mobile applications business network – so please join it if you are interested

The session name is ‘How to create a business plan for a appstore strategy’. It covers what it says on the tin! and the scope can be fascinating

Jouko is a vc perspective

Sena and Kunal are developers

William is a business model, developer, industry visionary perspective

Remco is stats and numbers


there may be an additional participant

(see the site for bios and additional details)

First I am going to set the stage why this business is different. Then Jouko will give a quick 5 mins summary and the rest is Q and A (Remco already has a talk earlier in the day)

This can be fun and we will say that the conversation will extend in our network.

Here are some questions – but pls send me your qs as well.

1) Is apps really a business or a fad? (even the hits are one hit wonders)

2) VCs – are there any case studies for success stories for apps?

3) How is the VC model different for apps? will individual apps ever be funded?

4) Why is iPhone so successful?

5) free vs paid

6) viral marketing of apps

7) Battle scars – things you have learnt from experience

8) Where do you see the market going in terms of other appstores

9) Ringtones are no longer a growing market – will apps be any different?

Any more questions, please email me at ajit.jaokar at Better still attend the Mobile applications store event in CTIA and / or join Mobile applications business network


  1. Good point. I believe appstores are nothing more than a fad, and would probably not be a long term investment. Your comment on the history of ringtones definitely brings this thought home quite clearly.