First Limo release 2 handset (Samsung H1) deployed on Vodafone 360

First Limo release 2 handset (Samsung H1) deployed on Vodafone 360

This is an interesting win for the Limo foundation .. not just for the handset .. but for the concept of Vodafone 360

Vodafone 360 is a much deeper play by an Operator into the services and apps arena with the converged address book at the core

I view it as a richer deployment of Zyb which Vodafone acquired some time ago and makes the converged address book the centre of Vodafone’s strategy

The Vodafone 360 is ‘open’(in the sense that it allows the customer to access web services that they are normally used to already) but also gives more opportunities through the Limo deployment to leverage richer native features through their OS and APIs

For example, to implement a feature like ‘proximity algorithm’ (bringing the most frequently contacted people closer to the front) – you need deeper integration into the stack and the OS – which Limo provides

Operators are still unsure as to how to react to the ‘apps’ phenomenon and hence this vision (of making the address book central to the strategy, allowing access to web services and social features but at the same time enabling deeper integration via the OS) is one to watch both for Limo and for Vodafone 360

Other operators may adopt this vision if it gains some traction – so this is a good development for the Limo foundation

The official press release is HERE