The social media – twitter phone – INQ1 is here .. – the Zen like simplicity and social featues could be an iPhone killer ..

social media - twitter phone INQ1.jpg

This phone is really cool and getting a lot of kudos. I like it even more since its a QWERTY phone(which was not the case with the previous INQ1 phones)

A while ago I blogged about a conceptual model for a Twitter – social media phone and its really nice to see this device ..

It is the ‘removal of complexity/zen like simplicty’ which makes a difference in my view .. ie a fundamental rethink of design

As the register says:

To the customers, INQ touts usability as well as affordability. It thinks its ground-up approach to software design allows INQ to “remove many of the cumbersome steps that have made using these services on ordinary mobiles frustrating or time-consuming. INQ phones multi-task, so key applications like Facebook, Skype, IM and email are ‘always on’ and accessible with one click from the home screen; a log-in to any application is required only once”.

I will be definately upgrading to this phone since I have a 3 connection already .. so expect lots more coverage ..

A great innovative phone ..

The iPhone has never really excelled in the social sphere .. and a social phone is more significant in my view in the longer term ..

The Zen like simplicity and social featues could be an iPhone killer ..

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