Kindle – Amazon lawsuit is about METADATA .. And that’s why we should support it ..

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There is an interesting twist to the Amazon – kindle lawsuit .. Where Amazon is sued by a 17 year old over (remote) deletion of the ebook 1984 .

It’s about the effect on metadata(not data) i.e. this teenager claims that the ‘copious notes’ he took are now rendered useless ..

He does not worry about the book itself(which is apparently refunded) but about his notes related to that book. This is an interesting (and a perfectly valid) case in my view ..

And we should support it ..

By the way .. Anyone at age 17 (Justin D. Gawronski) who reads 1984 and takes ‘copious notes’ .. is worthy of our support. Reminds me of my own experiences when I read The Fountainhead at 19 .. and has been a significant influence on me ever since ..

Such teens do end up growing up to be disruptive rebels, misfits and a bit mad and starting blogs like OpenGardens when they grow up ha ha! – i.e. taking a contrarian viewpoint – which is a good thing for society in general else we have too much conformity! :)

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