Data and Privacy in Web 2.0 series – Privacy implications of Smart Grids and the Cloud

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I am giving a free to register webcast on Privacy implications of Smart Grids and the Cloud as part of the Data and Privacy in Web 2.0 series

This is the first time I am doing this talk although I have covered the topic before on this blog

LTE and Smart Grids: A huge opportunity for Telecoms and the Cloud but with caveats for privacy

The event is a live webcast this Thursday and other talks on the same day include Susan Lyon of Perkins Cole whose thinking I follow on Twitter and also Stanford law school,Accenture, IBM, Verisign and others

This talk will bring together many disciplines. It will explore the ‘beyond Web 2.0′ domain and I have a PhD / research interest in this topic.

Web 2.0 can be seen as building a database that is enriched with incremental users. The technical/infrastructure evolution of Web 2.0 includes Cloud computing. The application(business) evolution includes domains like Open Government and Smart Grids.

While the principles of Web 2.0 apply to domains like the Smart Grid but the caveats apply as well – especially privacy considerations

This talk will cover web 2.0 and the management of data, telecoms(evolution LTE , femtocells and home networks), electricity grids and their evolution into Smart Grids and then bring together these ideas from a privacy perspective with an emphasis on privacy in the Cloud and privacy implications for Smart Grid.

The link again for free registration is HERE

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