Why can’t a tata nano like device appear in the mobile space?

I have always meant to ask this … and every time I see discussions about Nokia, their domniance of emerging markets and the significance of emerging markets to western mobile companies etc etc .. I have to ask myselves ..

Why cant a tata nano like device appear in the mobile space?

By that, I mean – A phone which is developed and re-engineered in emerging markets from scratch considering local needs

my initial comments:

for starters it is a supply chain issue but even then,

a) As devices become more complex, supply chain excellence is hard to achieve. And this is already happening even in emerging markets. People will no longer be satisfied with a simple device for connectivity and voice. They will want more. That means, the supply chain will become more complex

b) If we talking of simple devices, then why not a manufacturer from India, China, Brazil?

My personal view is:

a) The device ecosystem will become very fragmented with many new entrants

b) Companies and Operators will realise that (like the iPhone), they can make a lot of money by sellling a smaller number of devices but by adding services on top

c) I believe that Devices will become brands in combination with services (not companies but specific COMBINATIONS of devices and services)

But inspite of these views, I dont see why we cant have a manufacturer from an emerging market develop a device that suits emerging markets(and maybe even sell it to the west)