Layar opens up their platform to developers

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I have covered layar the new augmented reality browser before and they have a new announcement that they will open up their platform for developers.

Adapted from their press release below:

This month Layar will provide 50 developer keys to interested companies across the globe. With a key it will be possible to create and publish digital layers within the Layar mobile application. Any database with location coordinates can be transformed into an augmented reality layer.

First 50 keys Starting today companies and organizations can apply for a developer key via and fill in the request form.

Layar will provide tools such as API documentation, publication process and a test environment for new layers.

To begin with 50 keys will be handed out, with more keys being released in the future.

Development opportunities with Layar The Layar API gives developers the opportunity to completely customize the look and feel of their own augmented reality layer, which may include: branding possibilities such as color scheme and custom icons for the layer, exposing the database with Points of Interest (POIs), custom indicators for various types of POI and assigning custom actions to each POI (go to mobile URL, call number, make route, etc).

Register for Developer Day updates via

The link is: Layar API