Could Operators offer QOS (Quality of service) as a service?

Could Operators offer QOS (Quality of service) as a service?

Here is the rationale ..

a) As I said in a previous blog, an all IP world, voice interconnect is not very clear

As networks become all IP world through LTE , we realise that the handling of phone calls over IP in the mobile domain is non trivial. Normally, call handling is session based. With IP, that’s not easily achieved(or at least needs more management in the mobile domain). Martin Sauter explains this issue in detail in his blog

There is a (non) standardised solution called VOLGA (Voice over LTE via Generic Access). The current solution is cs-fallback (clunky) (i.e. going to circuit switched for voice and using a packet switched network for data) and the distant solution IMS IMS for all operators – is still a while away

Hence, there is no clear way to do IP interconnect for voice

b) (Mobile) Voice needs QOS (for that matter – any session based service needs QOS)

c) Telecoms interconnect is hard to achieve – web interconnect has already happened and is easier. Skype, Google talk and any more voip services will also interconnect globally and are increasingly being integrated into the device since customers want them

At the moment, Web based VOIP services like Skype are seen as a threat and operators still discriminate against them, (Only users who pay T-Mobile an additional £15 per month for the web ‘n’ walk Max product can legitimately use VoIP).

But, Could this be an Opportunity?

There is a possibility as outlined by Martin Sauter’s article Operator QOS for Skype and co

So, QOS could be a service offered by an Operator i.e. with the Network (bearer) as a platform.

That’s a powerful idea! i.e. Skype(or anyone else) would be able to do deals with network

providers and ensure QOS for voice?