A question for O2 (and Operators who have deployed appstores) – Did third party iPhone apps lead to a deluge of support calls?

I asked this question to Vodafone at the Open Mobile Summit – but I want to ask it to all Operators who have deployed appstores.

For years, Operators have said that they don’t like third party applications on their networks since they will generate support calls.

Now, in most markets we have had third party applications through the iPhone now for more than a year.

Question is: Did third party iPhone apps lead to a deluge of support calls?(as Operators feared)

Are there any numbers for support calls or was it(as I suspect) an overblown threat?

Alternately, Apple a strong brand – are the suppoort calls going to Apple(if any);


Is the price point low – and hence instead of support calls – do we simply have refunds?

Furthermore, If Brands(like Apple) reduce supoort calls to the Operator – does it mean we will see stronger device brands – say Ovi – (Since that helps reduce support calls)?

Well thats more than one question but all very critical.

Ray Anderson founder and CEO of Bango had some unique insights and I have requested him to add his views – but I am keen to hear views from any Operators since it is a critical issue going forward


  1. As an iPhone app developer with over 2 mio downloads so far on the App store I can tell you folowing about support:
    We receive about 10 to 30 emails per day with questions or feedback. Apple does a good job of leading people to our support pages and support mail. Most of the messages are directly written from the phone (I can tell because most people have the “sent from my iPhone” footer in the mail).
    On the iPhone most users are were well aware that apps come from third party developers and not from Apple and certainly not from the provider.
    If you ask me you don’t need the providers ;-)

  2. Ajit Jaokar says:

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