What to do if your pagerank suddenly drops to zero?

I hope someone will find this useful

As a blog, the OpenGardens blog has been running since May 2005 and the blog is a pragmatic and respected voice in the Open debate – having been rated highly in many surveys, ratings etc

Historically, we have had a page rank ranging from 5 to 7

Then, in early April 2009, the page rank dropped to zero.

At first, I thought it was a Google change – so I ignored it thinking it will come back.

It persisted for about 20 days ..

Oddly enough, the main site futuretext had a high page rank. Only the blog(which is a subdomain of the main site) lost it’s page rank

This is very odd since majority of the traffic goes to the blog

What did I do?

I contacted Google through Google web master tools and it page rank was fixed in a matter of hours

I am pleased about this and a month has passed with no other problems

I thought this may be useful for someone else if you encountered the same